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With increasing digitalization and progress of technology, more and more dangers arise for companies. Thorsten Schuller, founder of 3 Rooks, makes it his business to protect companies in the digital world with professional and competent advice.


To visually bring the brand to life, Thorsten wanted a branding that stands out from the competition, subtly expresses the allusion to the chess game from the name (English "rook" - the tower) and embodies timeless elegance.


The word mark embodies the essence of the brand - clear simplicity, innovation and security. The peculiarity of this logo lies in its flexible and fragmented arrangement. Eachcharacters of the logo can be freely placed in a chess-inspired 8x8 grid.

grid. This fragmented arrangement makes it possible to create a visual element that fits harmoniously into a wide variety of designs. It symbolizes the diverse approaches to cybersecurity and reflects the complexity of the digital world. This adaptability makes it possible to vary the logo depending on the context

and medium without losing its identity. In this way, we create a visual flexibility that conveys the core values - confidentiality, integrity and availability - in a subtle yet powerful way.


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Corporate Design, Catalogue Design,
Art Direction, Marketing

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