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Corporate Design, Branding, Marketing

BEEZER is a start-up with a vision: revolutionizing the consumption of cool drinks. The BEEZER is the fastest bottle cooler in the world - with the innovative Rapid Air cooling technology, it brings bottles or cans to the optimum drinking temperature in just a few minutes.  


The premium claim of the young company in design and function should also be reflected in the communication. With the development of the brand identity and presentation, we laid out the foundation for the market launch of BEEZER. Building on this, we took over the lead for the entire marketing strategy and communication - this is how the social media presence, performance marketing and fair design came about from a single source. 


The result: A brand that appears spontaneous, inspiring, efficient, future-oriented and self-confident. High-quality, clear and high-contrast colors - paired with a modern, characterful CI font form a clear, clean look. The distinctive curves in the logo form the basis for an identity system that can be used consistently in all relevant disciplines - whether product design or advertising adaptations. A uniform brand image with recognition value was created for BEEZER. 

Let's form,
express & define identities.

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